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St Andrews

"To win at St Andrews is the ultimate."
Tiger Woods

"I fell in love with it the first day I played it. There's just no other golf course that is even remotely close."
Jack Nicklaus

"Without a doubt I like it the best of all the Open venues. It's my favorite course in the world."
Tiger Woods

Traditionally hailed as the home of golf for over 600 years and a pilgrimage site for anyone interested in golf, St Andrews is a beautiful town with 11 golf courses designed to suit all types of player, from beginner to seasoned professional. Everyone can follow in the footsteps of the legends of the game, from Old Tom Morris to Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

For information on how to book a golf course in St Andrews, you can call the St Andrews Golf dedicated hotline number +44 (0)1334 474 799 or email to

Probably the most famous golf course in the world, The Old Course has been host to 28 Opens – the most recent was in July 2010. BOOK YOUR HOUSE NOW to avoid disappointment. You can rent either of our houses in Balmerino, just 20 minutes from St Andrews. The Ice Barn takes up to 7 people, and Wester Kirkton up to 8. Combined, both houses - next to each other - can cater for up to 15 people so they are ideal for a group visiting for the the local golf courses, or indeed a large corporate hospitality party of golfers. Please contact us for further information.

Also internationally known is Carnoustie Golf Links, only 40 minutes from our two houses for rent in Balmerino. In the town of Carnoustie, Angus, it is one of the toughest venues in the Open Championship rotation, which explains why in North America the course is infamously nicknamed "Car-nasty". To book a golf course at Carnoustie call +44 (0)1241 802 270 or email to The most recent Open Championship was in July 2007. The Seniors Open Tournament takes place mid September each year. More excitingly, the Ricoh Women’s British Open will be played at Carnoustie in 2011 so BOOK YOUR HOUSE NOW to avoid disappointment. Please contact us for further information.


The Old course itself is beautiful; the fairways are lined with thick, yellow-flowering gorse, patches of heather will line your way, and they occasional hare will bound across the fairway ahead of you. The Old Course is deceptively easy on your first round. A good golfer can post a pretty good score their first time playing; but to post a great score, you have to learn the course. It's not as long as newer courses, nor as devious. The rolling fairways, thick gorse and deep bunkers are straightforward: stay on the fairway and you'll be ok; if your ball goes into the gorse, say goodbye and drop another ball; if you land in a bunker, you may have some serious trouble. It is probably the bunkers that will catch your eye more than any other feature. These bunkers range from 5 feet across to almost a hundred, and they all share one characteristic: a tall front face. The bunker shared by the 7th and 11th holes is impressive. About 60 or 70 feet wide, the front face is at least 6 feet high and the green above it slopes upwards. The names of the bunkers are also interesting, with the most famous probably being 'Hell' bunker on the 14th, "The Principal's Nose' on the 16th, and the 'Road Hole' of the 17th.

If teeing off from the first hole is an electric feeling, then teeing off on the 18th is just as emotional. Ahead of you is one of the most iconic images in all of golf, the Swilken Bridge crossing the burn (creek) where all the greats have stood to get their photos taken. In the distance is the Royal and Ancient Golf Club once again and the impressive red sandstone of Hamilton Hall. As you walk up to the green for your final putt (or putts, depending on ability), there's simply no way to describe the feelings running through you. Many a golfer has shed a tear upon completing this course, with a silent promise to return.


Currently, around 40,000 people play the Old Course each year, so if you're looking to get a round, some advance planning could help. To book a round in advance, contact the Links Trust on +44 (0)1334 466 666, to obtain a booking form. If you do this, you'll also have to book a second round on another course in town. The other option is to show up the day before you want to play and put your name into the daily ballot. Around half of the rounds played are determined by this ballot. You can either phone the Links Trust or show up in person at the starter by 2 pm the day before you want to play. You need to have 2-4 people to put your name in the ballot. By 4 pm they will post the results of the ballot and you can phone the above number or check the ballot results online at If you're alone, your only option is to show up on the day and try to join a group of 2-3 golfers. During the summer months they're very strict about their handicap policy (24 for men and 36 for women) though in the winter you may be able to play without proof of your handicap.

Swilken Bridge St Andrews The Old Course


Golf St Andrews Old Course


St Andrews Map of Golf Courses


St Andrews Map of Golf Courses